Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to rent a Spyder?

You must:

  • be at least 21 years of age
  • have a valid driver's license with a motorcycle endorsement  (2 wheel or 3 wheel)
  • provide your own personal protective equipment including a DOT certified motorcycle helmet and shatterproof eye protection
  • purchase $15/day liability insurance coverage through MBA insurance on their website (a separate transaction from reserving and paying for your rental)
  • agree to all terms and conditions in the rental agreement


What do I need to know if I've never ridden a Spyder before?

Can-Spyders bring one of the safest and most exhilarating driving experiences available to motorcycle enthusiasts today.  With their three wheel triangular footprint, anti-lock brakes and sophisticated computer controlled stability and traction control systems, they instill added confidence to drivers of all skill levels.  There are functional differences between two-wheel motorcycles and Spyders that riders should be aware of to enjoy the best possible riding experience:


STEERING - The steering is very responsive to handlebar movement, more than typical with two-wheel motorcycles.  Most new Spyder riders notice this very soon into their first ride.  It is of important to remain mindful of this because quick changes in course direction due to careless or emergency oversteering can result in loss of control and ejection of the driver or passenger.


PATH OF TRAVEL - Awareness of the width of the front wheel path is important while driving a Spyder.  Drifting too close to a road shoulder or executing turns too close to a curb or other barrier can result in driving off the roadway or striking an object accidentally.  This could could also lead to loss of control.


BRAKING - Spyders have parking brakes but they do not have handlebar mounted stopping brakes like traditional two-wheel motorcycles.  When the parking brake is released on a Spyder, the foot brake is the only way to slow or stop it.  It is often common for a driver who has only experienced two-wheel motorcycle riding to reach for a non-existent hand brake to slow or stop the Spyder.  It is important to be aware of the bike's position and surroundings anytime either brake is released.  If the transmission is in neutral, any degree of incline will allow the Spyder to roll and may be impossible to stop without immediate application of the foot brake.  Spyders weigh nearly 900 pounds not counting the added weight of the driver/passengers, luggage and fuel, so understanding effective brake use to maintain control at all times is critical to proper and safe use of a Spyder.


SPEED - Spyders are virtually untippable while stopped, and do not lean into turns like two wheel motorcycles.  There is a different dynamic of body weight shift while turning compared to two-wheel motorcycles.  Drivers should take enough time as necessary to practice turns at low speeds to get comfortable before driving at higher speeds and in traffic.  Spyders are safe and highly maneuverable at appropriate speeds for road conditions, but they are not untippable when they are driven carelessly or recklessly.  One of our trained staff will be available to follow you for a short distance when you are ready to depart on your ride to ensure you are confident before going starting out on your own.


PASSENGERS - For safety reasons, at this time passengers are not allowed to ride on our Spyders.  The insurance that your are required to purchase ($15/day) does not provide coverage for any damages if a passenger is on the vehicle at any time during the rental.

What are the rental periods, are there mileage limits, and is fuel included?

Standard rental periods are 9 hours and there are two rental time frames:

  • 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Each Spyder in our fleet is assigned a specific rental start/end time frame so that our staff can process your check-in and check-out with minimal delay.  The time frames are noted on each individual vehicle description page.  If you prefer the time frame other than the one assigned to the vehicle you prefer, you must contact us to request the change request BEFORE you confirm your reservation.  If one unit is already reserved for one time period, the other unit must be reserved for the other period.  EXCEPTION:  if you are renting with a friend (same day) and both units are available, reserve both units at the same time and let us know in your reservation notes which time you prefer.  BONUS:  Reservations with friends for the same rental day receive a $25 account credit toward the regular rental rate for each friend for a future rental!

Multi-day rentals are available:  please contact us for more information as there considerations and limitations applicable to these requests.

Mileage/time limits:

150 miles per day are included with each rental unless otherwise listed in the vehicle description.  Any miles over stated limit will be charged at $.75/mile and deducted from the security deposit.

Failure to return the vehicle by the end of the designated rental period will result in additional time charges of up to $60/hour ($15 for each 15 minutes) and will be deducted from the security deposit.

Fueling requirements:

You will start your trip with a full tank of fuel (approximately 7 gallons) which will provide over 200 miles of travel.   You must return the Spyder FULL of fuel or you will be charged a refueling fee of $60.  You can also opt to pre-pay $40 to return the Spyder with any amount of fuel.  If you refuel yourself, you must provide your receipt showing you refilled with premium 91 octane fuel or you will be charged $50 - Spyders are designed to run optimally on minimum 91 octane fuel.

We want you to have a safe and pleasant experience so we require proof of your capability to properly and safely drive, brake and park a Spyder during a brief road test before you are permitted to go out on your own (first time renters only).




What are the insurance and deposit requirements?

We require the renter purchase daily coverage from MBA insurance on or before the first day of your rental.  The coverage cost is $15/day and provides the Colorado minimum mandated liability coverage of $15,000/person, $30,000 per accident.   Optional additional coverage is available  through MBA for an additional $6.95/ day which increases liability limits to $100,000/person, $300,000/accident.  Purchase of MBA's daily liability coverage is mandatory - you must purchase it on their website at the time of your rental.  After we inspect your vehicle and you are ready to ride, we will walk you through the insurance purchase process on our computer.  You will purchase it with a credit card and we will print the confirmation of coverage for you to take with you on your ride.  If you have other insurance coverage from a vehicle you own, there may be added benefits from that policy available to you in the event of a claim, but having other coverage does not preclude the requirement to purchase MBA's minimum liability coverage.

We require a $1000 credit card security deposit authorization on or before the day of rental.  This will be an authorization only, nothing will be charged unless you have charges due for refueling, damage, etc.


How do I pay and what is your cancellation policy?

Accepted forms of payment:

All rental payments must be paid in full by credit or debit card or PayPal on the reservations page of this website.

Reservation Cancellation Policy:

We understand that unforeseen events happen, and you (or we) may need to cancel your rental.  Our refund policy for cancellations is outlined in the rental agreement:

  • Less than 72 hours in advance of the scheduled start day and time of your rental:  NO REFUND
  • 72 hours - 14 days in advance of the scheduled start day and time of your rental:  50% refund
  • 15 days - 30 days in advance of the scheduled start day and time of your rental:  75% refund
  • 31 days - 90 days in advance of the scheduled start day and time of your rental:  90% refund

We reserve the right to cancel any reservations made beyond 90 days and will notify you via email upon cancellation

Security deposits are always refundable if you (or we) cancel before your scheduled rental.  Cancellations during rental periods are fully refundable if the Spyder is returned in the same condition it was when the rental began.

Weather related cancellation policy:

We reserve the right to cancel reservations due to a forecast of inclement weather any time prior to the beginning of the rental period.

Cancellations prior to start of rental period:  FULL REFUND

Cancellations during full day rental periods:

  • Vehicle returned within first 2 hours of rental:  75% credit toward future rental or 50% credit/debit card refund
  • Vehicle returned 2-4 hours after start of rental:  50% credit toward future rental or 25% credit/debit card refund
  • Vehicle returned 4+ hours after start of rental:  NO REFUND


Are there loyalty programs or discounts available?


We know that customers appreciate loyalty rewards and often become repeat customers when rewards are granted.  If you enjoy your first rental experience with us, we want to begin a mutually beneficial relationship with you by offering a loyalty reward to come rent from us again! Once you have paid for a regular price full-day rental, you will receive a minimum $10 discount credit to your account for every future regularly priced rental with us.  Visit our promotions page often for current offerings to first time and repeat customers.  Once you become a loyalty club member, you can receive email notifications of new promotions as they are introduced.