About Mile High Powersports Rentals

Mile High Powersports Rentals owner Jeff has been a motorcycle owner and enthusiast for over 25 years.  Born and raised in Southwest Denver, Colorado, he has enjoyed countless two-wheel trips through neighboring canyons and foothills.  "There is no better way to rejuvenate the mind and soul than to take a adventurous ride on a motorcycle" is his mantra.

Many years ago, Jeff discovered the Can-Am Spyder at a local powersports dealership and took one out for a test ride.  There was an immediate attraction to this peculiar motorcycling machine, and ideas began to take form in his mind.

Jeff decided to follow his long-time dream of starting a powersports rental business where he could meet an untapped rental market demand and have a ton of fun doing it!  MHPR started in Jeff's garage (the "SpyderDen") with two Spyders:  "Gus" a 2009 Spyder GS, and "Felix" a 2015 Spyder F3S.

At Mile High Powersports Rentals our mission is to quench your thirst for an exhilarating motorcycling experience on a fascinating Can-Am Sypder!




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